2021 Candidates

CWP Accountability Group has two candidates we are endorsing for the 2021 Crow Wing Power Board of Directors, Fred Hage and Giles Radtke.


Fred Hage

Let me first introduce myself as Fred Hage, a current resident of Cass County in Woodrow Township and candidate for Director in 1A. I am taking this opportunity to formally announce my candidacy for the Director position of 1A, which will be voted on by mail in July and August. My main focus will be to restore Honesty, Integrity and Transparency (HIT). These factors, along with fiscal responsibility, will be the main thrust of my campaign.

If elected, I know that I would only be one of nine directors, but my presence and voice will surely be heard and acknowledged. It is my desire to ignite a greater atmosphere of accountability within the current board.

If elected, you can be assured that I will give my best effort to improve all areas of the operation that warrant improvements. Debt service and salary/bonus abuse will have high priority in my efforts to increase membership awareness in these areas. I will take every step to promote a fair and equitable situation for Crow Wing Power and its members.
I was born in Mpls, MN in 1949 and educated at Bloomington Lincoln and Shattuck/St Marys in Faribault. After high school, I earned a degree in Bus Adm & Mgmt and a degree in Marketing at Southwest State University in Marshall MN, graduating in June of ‘71.

After 17 productive years in banking, insurance and real estate in southwest Minnesota, I moved to sunny Arizona for 25 years. I was successful in the building industry as a General Contractor (residential & commercial) throughout the metro Phoenix area.

Then, with wife Karen (Iowa born), we moved back to northern Minnesota in 2013 and are living at Woman Lake in beautiful Cass County. We have a son and daughter-in-law in Fargo with two wonderful grandchildren, ages 17 and 19.

cell: 602-818-8659 email: fhage@live.com

Giles Radtke

I am for Safety, Transparency, Low Electric Rates and a Stabil Electric Grid. I own and operate an Electrical/Mechanical Contracting Business and a Fabrication Shop. I have worked on Transmission Projects down to Low Voltage Projects. I have worked on multiple Capital Projects and I understand the technical aspect of Electrical Distribution, Construction and Maintenance. It is time there is a Board Member that has relatable work experience to bring to the table. The knowledge I have learned will be applied to the Duties as a Director. This makes me an excellent candidate to represent my Coop for us the members.

The primary goals I have my first 3-year term are detailed below.
  • Replace General Counsel
    • Replacing the General Counsel and getting the new GC access and information to all current CWP and CWP affiliated businesses will only strengthen the members trust in the Board. It shows to the members the Board and some Executives has done nothing to conflict with the by-laws they all swore to up hold.
    • This will bring the Board together as a group. With having a new GC that is not financially and emotionally vested in past business deals, operating agreements and lawsuits by creating a less tense and less defensive atmosphere when Board Members or CWP Members bring up concerns.  
  • Replace CEO with BOD approved Candidate
    • We need a new CEO that has not been groomed to defend past questionable practices. We need a CEO that has the Members as its best interest. The CEO serves at the pleasure of the BOD and CWP Members. Being the CEO of CWP does not Grant Absolute Power. And a CEO that bullies Board Members should not be allowed to operate that way.  
  • Any disregarded entity or for-profit entity the CWP is involved in to have more oversite then 1 executive and information hidden under NDA’s and Confidentiality Agreements. CWP members must have access to any entity we the members own.
    • Hunt Enterprises LLC- New governors to control and create transparency to the members’
    • Cooperative Holding Company- Appoint new governors to control and create transparency to the members
    • Cooperative Mineral Resources- Appoint new governors to control and create transparency to the members’
    • Peoples Security-Review LLC structure, why is this company investing in land by the CMR Mine?
    • Crow Wing Power Community Trust- Review LLC structure  
  • Put together a committee to Review equipment, safety and any other concerns
    • The committee will be made up of field employees to procure a list of concerns regarding safety, maintenance, equipment and anything else that is a potential concern or ways to be more efficient at task.  
  • Review Current and Past business sales/dissolution CWP has been involved in and ensure no future dissolved companies associated with CWP gets swept under the rug from the members.
    • Summit EIS rumored to have sold for millions on top of the Hunt Sale but never disclosed. Dissolved in 2011
    • Access Plus LLC Company dissolved in 2010-Had a 3.27 million dollar share of income with 1.55 million dollars in assets the year of 2008
    • HTI Investments part of the sale of Hunt in 2006 with undisclosed tax returns
Radtke Service LLC
  • Started as a sole proprietor in 2010 and filed as an LLC in 2012 working in the Agriculture, Commercial and Industrial (specifically Midstream Oil and Gas Projects fields) Our work spans from low voltage to high voltage.
  • Main Office is Brainerd MN, Main Shop is Fryburg ND, Satellite shop in Ross, ND.
  • Started by myself and have had up to 50 man team. Average team of 20
  • Recently Completed a multi million dollar electrical contract project for Northern Metal Recycling in Becker, MN
  • Master Electrician in 3 States 
Quality Fabricating
  • My wife and I purchased this business in 2018.
  • Fabricate everything from small backers to structural steel, custom tanks, grapples, trailers, barges and anything that can be designed, drawn or dreamed. 
Belfield RV Park
  • Bought as an investment and to potentially build out and market to workers when the Greenfield Refinery moves forward
  • Working on a Grant for a 150KW PV/Solar System 
Master Electrician in MN, ND and SD. Journeyman Electrician in MT. Class A Contractor in ND for any size project. Electrical Contractor in MN and ND

I would love to serve the members of CWP and I will always have the interest of the Members in mind and I will never take advantage of the responsibilities entrusted to me if I am elected.

Giles Radtke 218-839-9182 Giles@RadtkeServiceLLC.com
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