Who is CWP Accountability Group?


We are a group of people committed to holding Crow Wing Power Executives and Board of Directors accountable to its Member/Owners.

Management of our Co-op - including all of its subsidiaries - should be open and transparent, with all decisions based on what is best for members. 

Past mismanagement should be disclosed, those responsible removed, with recovery and restitution required where appropriate.

What are our GOALS?

1. Work to change the leadership of Crow Wing Power Electric Co-Op.

2. Bring to justice current leadership individuals that have demonstrated fraudulent or criminal behavior.

3. Provide Crow Wing Power members reimbursement of any funds that were meant for members and not individuals.

4. Eliminate the signing of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), from any past, current or future Crow Wing Power management, Board or members.

5. Nullify all self-enriching Crow Wing Power management and Board of Directors royalty agreements.

6. Provide Crow Wing Power members the best electric products and services at a competitive price as compared to other co-ops in the state.



Millions of dollars have been squandered by Board Members and Management of Crow Wing Power. This money should have been returned to Crow Wing Power members in the form of Capital Credits and potentially lower power rates. 

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CWP Accountability Group
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Baxter, MN 56425


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